Hatta Mountain Tour

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Hatta Mountain Tour

Those of you who are looking to experience a much more natural and wilder side of Dubai, Hatta Mountain Tour is the perfect natural outing for you. Unlike most of the desert safari tours, the Hatta Mountain Mountain Tour hits both sandy and mountainous terrains in the outskirts of Dubai. Hatta Tour offers a unique, once in a lifetime experience, where it takes you through diverse natural habitats.

Exclusive Hatta Mountain Tour Deal

AED 99/person 

Tour Duration : 4-5 Hours Tour Service : Daily
Pick up Time : 8:00 am to 8:30 am Drop Off Time : 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Starts From 120* AED / Exclusive Car Available

Adventurous highlights of Hatta Mountain Tour

  • Pickup 7:30 am
  • Drop-Off around (1:30 pm to 2.00 pm)
  • Trip in Comfy, sturdy 4WD
  • Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Hatta Hill Park (Friday  Close)
  • Hatta Heritage Village (Friday  Close)
  • Hatta Fort
  • Scenic drive through a mountainous areas
  • Hatta Dam
  • Off Road Tracking across mountains
Hatta Mountain Tour

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Heritage Village is a historical site that dates all the way back to two centuries. With the Hatta Safari, you’ll also get to refresh and relax in this village that is the actual portrayal of 16th-century architecture and art.

All the monuments, buildings, and houses are constructed using customary materials, which offer you a peek back into time and a perfect escapade from the urbanized culture of Dubai. In addition to tourists, Hatta Heritage Village has also become a getaway spot for all the families residing in Dubai. The Hatta tour will also take you through the Hatta Dam which also offers out worldly natural scenes of its own. For the true thrill seekers, the tour also takes you on a drive across the Hatta Pools and springs. This hour-long drive across lush valleys and landscapes will surely last a spellbinding effect for the rest of your life.

The ultimate adventure and scenic Hatta Mountain Safari

A Hatta Mountain Tour is a half-day affair that will take you through the hidden beauty of the Hajar mountains and the rustic charm of the old Hatta Villages that are sprinkled around the area.

The adventure starts with a trip to the Hajar mountains, located in the eastern part of the UAE. Riding our specially outfitted 4×4 vehicles, our experienced drivers will take you through rocky wadis and beautiful natural springs, allowing you brief glimpses of majestic rock formations that have been hemmed and hewn by time. Discover the lush beauty of the green landscape within the confines of the mountain, where it hides the wonders it has grown over the years.

Our Hatta mountain tour will also give you a chance to see the indigenous villages surrounding the area, as well as the fascinating dry riverbeds that swell generously during bouts of rain.

Thanks to its scenic giveaways and thrilling trek, an expedition across the Hatta Mountains is something that is highly recommended to those who are actually looking to experience Dubai the way it is meant to be. Over the years, Hatta Safari has become one of the most popular tourist destinations within Dubai as it features picturesque views of fossil rocks and an exciting ride through natural springs and valleys

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