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Best Dubai City Tour

Here are a number of Dubai city tour deals that help you to enjoy cheap Dubai city tour packages at very low rates. These deals can help you enjoy the best time of your lives at the lowest prices. Here are some of the details of these deals which you can avail through Platinum Adventure Tours online booking.

Exclusive Dubai City Tour Deals

Exclusive package include Pickup and Drop off from your residence or hotel within Dubai

Price per person 69* AED ( Special Offer )
Exclusive Vehicle Also Available


Pick Up: 8.30 am to 9.00 am

Drop off: 1.30 pm to 2 pm


  • A visit to the Dubai Museum 
  • Jumeirah Grand Mosque 
  • Burj Al Arab 
  • Jumeirah Open Beach 
  • Marina View (a walk) 
  • Palm Jumeirah 
  • Atlantis Hotel 
  • Dubai Mall 
  • Burj Khalifa 
  • Heritage Village 
  • Royal Palace 
Dubai City Tour

This would certainly sound impossible to you but it is actually true that if you take a Dubai city tour for a group of up to four people, then you have to pay as low as AED 69. This will include a pick and drop to and from your residence as well as a trip to all the attractive locations of the city which make it a winning situation for you

If you have a bigger family or want to go out in a group of six friends, then the best thing you can hear is that you have to pay as low as AED 65. It will help you enjoy the city in the company of your friends and make the most of your time here at very cheap rates

Do you want to pay even lesser than that? The easiest way to do so is to increase the number of people to as many as twelve people as this will help you enjoy the Dubai city tour for as less as AED 60. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

If you want to enjoy an even cheaper trip in the city of Dubai, then the best way is to make it even bigger which will not only make it more fun-filled but also help make it more reasonable Please Contact on +971152986767 for best price .

The tour across the city will let you quickly explore all the vibrancy of the city of Dubai. The tour will take you through the Dubai Museum that is housed in close proximity to Al Fahidi Fort that dates all the way back to 1800s. That, coupled with a brief visit to the museum, will surely offer you a glance at the region’s rich history and culture. The tour will also make a brief stop at world’s renowned and bravura Jumeirah Mosque. Built all the way back in 1979, Jumeirah Mosque is the very definition of contemporary Islamic architecture at its very best. A tour across Dubai cannot be complete without a visit to its famous Jumeirah Open Beach and Burj-Al-Arab (the world’s most luxurious hotel) From there the tour heads on over to catch a look at world’s tallest building that is Burj Al Khalifah.

Special Highlights of Dubai City Tour

The tourists on the tour will also get to experience the exotic Palm Island along with a glimpse at the Atlantis Dubai tour packages Hotel. Before coming to its conclusion, our City tour bus will hit Sheikh Zayed road from where you can catch a sight of various skyscrapers and landmarks on your way to a shopping mall where the tour concludes. During the course of the tour, you will be witnessing a host of landmarks and places that you can later explore further in depth. So buckle your seat belts and get ready for an exciting ride through the city of cities

Dubai City Tour

Dubai is the perfect blend of modern tourism designs and cultural heritage. The architectural beauties of the city leave you awe-inspired whereas the cultural heritage remains intact in each and every monument. The essence of Dubai is alive in every building, activity and location you decide to visit. What can be more pleasing than a very soothing Dubai city tour to help you enjoy to the fullest and guide you to the best places in the city? To find the answer to this question, you need to book yourself a great Dubai city tour package. There is a number of Dubai city tour cheap deals which can help you get a good trip for less money

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