May 16, 2018

Dubai Desert Safari in Summer

You can catch the most beautiful pictures in the sunset, and enjoy the most sumptuous cuisine and tours, all of which allow you to enjoy Dubai Desert Safari in Summer. Do not let the summer hinder your test of the most important experience you have to experience during your visit to Dubai. Discover what makes the trip to the Dubai desert safari in the summer the first activity you are supposed to put on the list of best activities in Dubai. Desert adventures can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially the summer safari, which will be able to snatch your breath. The first reason is that you will spend more time in the middle of the desert than in the city. The low humidity and […]
August 5, 2018
Evening Desert Safari

Complete Tour Guide – 5 Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari

Nowadays, Dubai is known as the most popular tourist spot throughout the world. It’s a city of shopping, deserts, high rises or many destinations. The most popular sightseeing attraction in Dubai is Burj Khalifa (the largest building throughout the world). The Dubai is known as the busiest city because there are millions of passengers comes or visit with their friends and family. Those who visit in Dubai UAE, they have created some unique memories in desert adventures. It’s the best way of creating memories with friends and family. The 4×4 Desert Safari tours can be customized according to client’s requirements like you can take a package of evening desert safari, morning safari or night. The tourist can capture several moments […]
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