Dubai Desert Safari in Summer

Evening Desert Safari
Complete Tour Guide – 5 Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari
August 5, 2018

You can catch the most beautiful pictures in the sunset, and enjoy the most sumptuous cuisine and tours, all of which allow you to enjoy Dubai Desert Safari in Summer.

Do not let the summer hinder your test of the most important experience you have to experience during your visit to Dubai. Discover what makes the trip to the Dubai desert safari in the summer the first activity you are supposed to put on the list of best activities in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari in Summer desert safari

Desert adventures can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially the summer safari, which will be able to snatch your breath. The first reason is that you will spend more time in the middle of the desert than in the city. The low humidity and groundwater levels in the desert help to reduce the heat of the suffocating day, and the weather is cooler than the city by seven degrees.


dubai desert safari in summer

This is why nomadic tribes have been able to travel through the desert during the summer for centuries, to the extent that some locals still want to set up tents in the desert whenever they have the opportunity.


The Bedouin have some useful secrets that kept them alive during the summer and are now used in Dubai desert safari. Including the desert tents that are placed on the top of the sand dunes to provide the maximum of the breeze. Some also offer cool towels and soft drinks to welcome visitors to the desert tents, which are also equipped with air conditioning. Timing plays a major role, with most safaris being organized late in the afternoon to evening. Without forgetting to wear loose and light clothes, eat plenty of water.

The experience of the Arabian Desert in the 21st century has been a luxury experience far removed from the difficult and tiring past. Travelers will be brought from their hotels in air-conditioned sports cars to enjoy as much as possible the long journey from the city to the rolling sand dunes.


Dubai Desert Safari in Summer begins as cars move from driving on paved roads to driving on the sand, which means that drivers remove the air pressure from the tires and become equipped to walk on the dunes without bothering. Then the visitors are waiting for a journey on the unpaved roads for about an hour for more thrill and excitement. These usually end at sunset, allowing visitors to take pictures of the desert at sunset.

summer desert safari

Afterward, the teams head to the traditional desert camp, where they are invited to spend an evening inspired by Arabic style with a full dinner including mazas and barbecues on charcoal, as well as some fun activities such as camel riding and henna.

If you are not attracted by this range of activities, you can choose some of the shows that will make you enjoy the desert of Dubai this summer.

Experience the best experiments this summer:


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