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Platinum Adventure has cherished his clients from all over the world to UAE, becoming one of the most reliable, efficient and trusted tourism Company in UAE. As compare to others we Can prepare your dream trip to one, or several astounding destinations in a magnificent way. Our in-depth knowledge of UAE attractions will insure our clients to enjoy the marvelous services and will clearly discriminate Platinum Adventure from its corrivals.About Us about us

Why choose Platinum Adventure?

Focus on the customer satisfaction is the quality that sets Platinum Adventure apart from its competitors. Orion Vision is affianced to serve his customers with the best possible care and giving them admirable satisfaction. We motivate people to travel because it helps to enrich their lives. Our aim to meet all tourism exigencies by using advanced technology to ensure fast and adequate services to our Guests.

Quality deals:

Orion Vision Tourism feels pride while offering best sojourn services. We offer hassle-free perpetual deals to our clients. You will definitely enjoy our potential tour packages. We serve the best quality without compromise on our standards. With the help of Platinum Adventure Tours, you can get the opportunity of celebrating the happiest moments of your life.

We offer an enthusiast travel along with exquisite adventurous experience in affordable packages. We offer Morning, evening and overnight desert safari, dhow cruise dinner, hatta dam or hatta mountain tour, vast range in city tours such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and seven states tour, Musandam Oman tour and tickets for different attractions on discounts prices provide a chance to maximize the fun and enhance to make your unforgettable memory.

Great offers and best price:

At Orion Vision, We ensure a prime quality of services and yet our prices are incredibly reasonable. We can promise you the best Tours deals with the delightful and gratifying services so that you will be ambitious to return. We also provide online bookings and 24/7 customer care for all tours, excursions. Driven by the growth in the tourism industry, Our Customer care team ensures the rapid services in the precise time frame.

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